Craps Rules

Did you ever want to learn to play Craps? Most likely, you found the game too intimidating or just too complicated to bother learning how to play. The truth is, learning to play Craps is not only quite simple, it is commonly referred to as the most exciting game in a casino – by those who conquered their fears and learned hot to play it, that is.

This article will teach the fundamentals of Craps, including the Shooter Rule, Pass Rule and Rolled Rule. These fundamental Craps rules will give new players a great start in learning how to play craps.

The first step is to understand who the Shooter is, why he is the Shooter, and when his Shooting days are over. This is referred to as the Shooter Rule. Players take turns being the ‘Shooter’ – the person who rolls the dice – in clockwise fashion. The same Shooter continues rolling the dice until he ‘Craps Out’ by rolling a 2, 3 or 12.

In a land-based casino, as opposed to online casinos, the Shooter Rules state you must only use one hand to roll the dice, and they must bounce off the opposite wall of the Craps Table before coming to a stop.

Moving on, we’ll discuss what is known as the Craps ‘Rolled Rule‘. This defines what action is taken depending on the roll of the dice. A Shooter’s first roll is called the ‘Come Out Roll’. The Come Out Roll establishes the ‘Point‘. Unless the first roll is a 7, 11 or Craps (2, 3 or 12), the Point is the sum of the dice on the Come Out Roll. If a 7 or 11 is rolled, the Shooter rolls a new Come Out Roll, essentially starting over. If Craps is rolled, the dice are passed to the next Shooter and play begins anew.

Once a Point has been established, the Shooter will continue rolling the dice until the Point hits again. For example, a roll of 4+6 is a 10, making the Point 10. The shooters job is to roll another 10 or 7 without rolling Craps (2, 3 or 12). If the Shooter makes his Point or a 7, he is returned the dice to begin a new Come Out Roll. If the Shooter rolls Craps (2, 3 or 12), the dice are handed to the player directly on his left – the new Shooter.

Now to explain the Pass Rule, the most simplistic bet in Craps, which most players place before the Come Out Roll. According to the Pass Rule, a Pass Line bet is a bet on the Shooter, betting that he will accomplish his goal of rolling a 7 or 11 on the Come Out Roll, or establishing a Point and rolling it (or 7) before rolling Craps (2, 3 or 12).

A Pass Line bet can only be placed on the Come Out Roll. If 7 or 11 is rolled, the Pass Line Bet wins. If Craps is rolled (2, 3 or 12), the bet loses. If a Point is established, the Pass Line bet becomes a standing wager that the Point will come again before the player Craps Out or rolls a 7.

The Pass Rule works in reverse for a Don’t Pass bet, where the player is betting against the Shooter. Again, this bet can only be made on the Come Out Roll. The Pass Rule states that a Don’t Pass bet wins if the Come Out Roll is a 2, 3 or 12. If a 7 or 11 is rolled, the Don’t Pass bet loses. If a Point is established, the Don’t Pass bet becomes a standing wager that the Point will NOT come again before a 7 or Craps (2, 3, or 12) is rolled.

All of the remaining wagers and odds descend directly from the Shooter Rules, Rolled Rules and Pass Rules. Therefore by obtaining a full understanding of these three fundamental rules, a new Craps player can go on to learn to play the excitingly intricate game of Craps.

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Craps Pays Off Well At Maryland Live!

Maryland Live! Is the gaming location to visit in the state of Maryland. The casino offers a wide selection of gaming space and recent figures show the casino earning over $50 million for the month of February. The table gaming options such as crapsprovided the bulk of the revenues for the last month of game play.

The revenues topped out at $52.3 million and this is the tenth month of a row that the casino earned over $50 million. The revenues for the month of February were increased by over $13 million based on last year’s earnings. Officials of the casino have stated that the table games additions and extended gaming hours have created the increase.

Craps is one gaming option that players continue to enjoy day after day. Blackjack and poker also help to bring in revenues to the casino. For table game play, over $4600 was earned for each table each day of operation. Slot machines also provided consistent revenues for the casino with $34 million for the month of February.

The Maryland Live! Casino is the most popular in the state so it is not surprising that the casino continues to bring in record revenues. The revenues that come in from the casino are shared between the county and state governments to be used as needed.

Far behind the Maryland Live! Casino in revenues is the Hollywood Casino which took in $7 million. Next up is the Casino at Ocean Down which earned $3.5 million. Maryland Live! will continue to be the dominator in the marketplace as they continue to offer top quality gaming in an exciting and elegant setting. Players continue to choose this casino as it offers a large gaming space, with extended gambling options. The setting is perfect with dining and entertainment options.

Enjoy huge bonus cash at casino titan

Players to Casino Titan will be able to take advantage of more than just great gaming. Not only does the site offers maximum gaming potential with such titles as craps, blackjack and slots, but the casino also offers great money making potential. Players can take advantage of new player bonuses as well as recurring bonuses all the time at Casino Titan.

The site is currently offering $3,000 in deposit bonuses for new players. What a welcome bonus to be able to earn as much as $3,000 in bonus cash! The site offers this option to new players and breaks the bonus cash up in sections so players have maximum potential to earn bonus cash.

The first section of the bonus is a 400% sign up bonus for up to $1,000. This bonus is received instantly and gives players plenty of play cash to gamble with. Each bonus is for play cash so players will be able to wager with the money but only winnings can be withdrawn after meeting the wagering requirements.

The second part of the deposit is a 300% bonus worth up to $900. This requires a separate code and still major earning potential. The third deposit offers up to $600 in play cash with a 200% bonus. The fourth deposit is worth $500 and is a 100% bonus.

Each of these bonuses offers players the best potential to earn bonus cash which can be used to wager on all casino games including craps, slots and more! For new players, this is one of the best opportunities to build a solid bankroll. By earning the play cash, you will have enough play cash to begin playing all your favorite games and hopefully earn enough winnings to change your life! Head on over to Casino Titan to get started today!

Craps Pro Wants To Help Other Players

The game of craps is one that is enjoyed in both land casino play and online. Players love the thrill of rolling the die to see if they get the right numbers and win their wager. The game does have a strategy to it and many people have been able to play craps as a career. Just take Eddy Perry for example. Perry has played the game of craps for over thirty five years and has learned quite a bit about the game along the way.

Perry now wants to share his information with the world. The pro states that he does not have a system when it comes to playing the game. He believes that a player will be flexible and will be able to evaluate the table to make a profitable play happen.

Perry learned the game of craps at the age of six and talks about how players must treat the game as if it were a business. Perry is a professional but uses his knowledge of the game to make smart decisions. By maximizing wins and minimizing losses, the right path is taken for success.

Perry pointed out that many players will begin losing and will play more games to try and get the money back. The pro believes that players need a stop loss to get back on their feet. You need a stop win too. Players have to know when to stop after a win as well.

Perry wants to show those interested in learning the game professionally, especially poker pros, as he feels they have the mindset to do well in the craps game. Perry is offering to teach basics of the game as well as how to adapt, play with the table, evaluate betting on certain numbers and what a good bet is.

Craps Dealers to Earn Reimbursement for Certification

The state of Maryland offers gamblers a wide variety of gaming options. Players have the opportunity to enjoy table gaming, poker, slots and more. Maryland Live! Is the most popular gaming facility in the state and players come from miles around to enjoy what the casino has to offer. Due to the amount of games available, operators need quality dealers to handle the massive amount of game activity. However, becoming certified as a card dealer can be expensive. Maryland Live! is now offering incentives for individuals to become certified.

The casino is offering players the opportunity to earn back tuition if they are hired by the casino. From now until the 1st of September, the casino will be paying back tuition fees to individuals who are hired during the time frame. The certification process must have been earned from the Anne Arundel Community College dealer school to be eligible for reimbursement.

The community college offers a nice selection of table game training fromcraps to blackjack and more. introductory classes start at just under $200 while advanced courses cost around $647. The advanced courses include: craps, roulette, pai gow poker and baccarat. The courses can be taken in the morning, afternoon and evening hours.

The casino is currently offering new hires the opportunity to earn back the cost of training. First an applicant must pass an introduction to table gaming course and then be trained in a specific game such as craps. Once hired, the employee must complete a 90 day introductory period and then pass a proficiency evaluation to be given reimbursement.

The process is a great way for players to be able to earn back the money spent for training. Players still have plenty of time to train and then earn the money back to get started on a brand new career path.

Florida Casino Cruise Ship Sets Sail Full Time

A cruise ship can provide a high quality gaming experience in a different setting. Players can still enjoy slot gaming, craps and roulette, but in vacation form! Who doesn’t love spending a few days or hours playing their favorite casino games and enjoying a few drinks? The latest cruise ship to set sail specifically offering casino gaming is the Island Breeze.

The Island Breeze first opened on a soft scale at the Port of Palm Beach on the 15th of March and now the ship is ready to be sailing full time. This is the only option in Palm Beach County to offer slot gaming and this is due to the fact that the ship sails to foreign waters. The ship is allowed to offer a wide selection of gaming including craps, roulette, sports book along with the slot gaming.

The Island Breeze was formerly known as the Black Diamond and was purchased and over three million was spent to revamp the ship and get it ready for sailing. A brighter color scheme as well as additions was made to get players interested in the gaming options. The renovations took around a year to complete and now the ship is ready to function full time.

The third floor of the ship was enclosed to create a poker room space as well as a party room. Blackjack tables are also available with $5 minimums. The $5 minimum is most likely to go up after the cruse begins to become busier. The owners of the casino want players to visit the ship and are willing to give things to players to bring them in. free drinks are allowed which is a sure-fire way to get gamblers to climb on board and set sail. This is a product that racinos are not allowed to offer players and the Seminole casinos in the area only offer free drinks to high rollers.

Craps a Big Earner in Pennsylvania

Table gaming is a popular pastime for many gamblers, especially across the United States. From craps to blackjack and poker, these games are well-received at casinos in the US and across the globe. Players like the thrill of the games as well as the excitement that can be found during game play. In the state of Pennsylvania,table gaming has taken a nice turn and for 2014, the table games like craps have seen great results.

There are twelve casinos in the state and the Sands Casino has been the one to pull ahead in table gaming revenues. Craps, roulette, blackjack and other table games have produced $15.3 million in revenues for the month of March. The State Gaming Control Board announced the figures and this is the 28th month in a row that the Sands have held the first place position in table gaming revenues.

The Parx Casino was second in revenues for table gaming with $11.7 million with SugarHouse taking the next spot with $8.8 million. Harrah’s Casino was able to earn $7 million while Mount Airy Casino earned $3.7 million.

A spokesman for the Gaming Control Board, Richard McGarvey, stated that when it comes to the revenues of table gaming, no one is able to touch The Sands in table gaming revenues. The Sands is able to lead in table gaming revenues month after month and McGarvey cannot remember the last time the Sands did not have the lead.

The games continue to do well across the state and just prove that gamblers want to be able to enjoy blackjack, craps, poker and more. Gamers continue to play their favorites and as visitors continue to head to Pennsylvania, the table games will continue to do well. It will be interesting to see how the Sands stack up in the coming months of revenues.

Maryland Casinos Fighting Over Table Gaming Dealers

Gaming dealers are a hot commodity in the state of Maryland as the Maryland Live! casino has been hiring dealers left and right since opening in 2012. With the new casino coming to the Baltimore area, dealers are even more sought after and both casinos are paying the price to have the best of the best. The Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore should be opening this August and both the new casino and Maryland Live! are paying thousands of dollars to help dealers earn their training.

Currently, the Maryland Live! casino is reimbursing dealers of training costs if the courses are completed by September 1st. The upcoming Horseshoe Casino is also offering a deal with free courses at Baltimore City College. The General Manager of Maryland Live! Rob Norton stated that the casino is ready for the next casino competition.

According to Norton, the Maryland Live! casino teamed with one of the best community colleges in the area to run the school for the casino. Norton believes that this will give more credibility to their schooling choice.

Apparently the Horseshoe Casino is also planning on a top quality recruiting plan as well. The casino plans on hiring as many as 1,000 dealers and supervisors to help with the table gaming operations. The Horseshoe will be hosting the academy for the Table Games as well as a Legendary Academies. This will be a two day event that focuses on opportunities for employment. As many as 12,000 people are now on the list to be updated on hiring potential.

Both companies want to have the best of the best in their employment. Personality, outgoingness, skill and more will be evaluated to see how well a dealer is ready for the gaming tables. It will be interesting to see who wins in the bid for best dealers in the area in the coming months!

Philadelphia Casino Releases Simpler Craps Game

The game of craps is one that is enjoyed around the globe in casinos and gaming halls. The game can be played online but there is just something about playing the game in live form. From the throw of the die to the betting, players get a real thrill from playing the game with friends or family. A Philadelphia casino recently announced they are trying to get younger gamblers in on the craps action by releasing a simpler version of the game.

The new game is titled Props and Hops and will allow players to learn the game in an easier form. Once the wager is placed on a group or individual number, the player will then shake the cup and two die are inside. The dice are turned over onto the table and the lid will be removed to show the numbers.

Mark Grochala, the Table Games Supervisor of the Sugarhouse casino and Tom McCann, a dealer at the casino, created the game and feel as though it could be used to introduce players to the game of craps. McCann stated that many people, especially younger people, are intimidated by the game of craps. The game can seem complicated and game play moves very fast.

With this new version, players can take their time and the dealer is able to explain the bets and how the game operates at the craps table. This way, younger players can step into the game one factor at a time and learn how to play. With a little knowledge, players will feel comfortable taking part in the standard game of craps.

The game was created some time ago as it took 2 years for the casino to place the game on the gaming floor. The Sugarhouse will run the game exclusively until October 1st. once this time period arrives, other casino may begin to lease out the game.

Free Dealer Classes on Offer at Horseshoe Baltimore

The Horseshoe Baltimore Casino is looking to hire table gaming dealers and as an incentive, the casino will be offering free dealer courses. Local residents will now have the opportunity to learn a new career and be able to take training classes without having to pay the regular fees.

The casino has partnered with the Baltimore City Community College to offer the dealer classes and will be helping those interested learn how to deal forcraps, blackjack and many more table games. The casino is looking for people who have the attitude and are upbeat. They want dealers who will keep players happy and in the game.

Those who quality for the free training will be able to take a twelve week college course at the community college for no charge. This free offer comes just one month after the Maryland Live Casino decided to reimburse those who take dealer classes at the Anne Arundel Community College. The Horseshoe must keep up with competitors to be able to succeed in the industry.

The Horseshoe wants those interested to know that they take great pride in offering free courses where there is no upfront cost for players or barriers that may keep people from taking part in learning how to become a dealer.

Those who are applying for the position must be 21 years of age, at least by the time the casino is scheduled to open in the summer. Anyone who passes the initial screening will be able to enroll in the training classes which will be for craps, baccarat, roulette, poker and many other games. The courses start on April 28th and will last for twelve weeks.

Once a dealer is in a working position they can earn as much as $50,000, including tips. However, this type of salary is not guaranteed in the workplace.

Baltimore Casino Bringing Table Gaming and other jobs to the city

Later in 2017, a new casino will launch in Baltimore Maryland. The new casino, known as the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, will offer casino gaming as well as jobs to the area. The new casino and entertainment facility will create 1,700 jobs, as employees will be needed to operate the $442 million facility. The casino will also bring in new tax revenues as well as lower the amount of property taxes paid in the city.

The new casino will be the largest employer in the area and will offer jobs with good pay and solid careers. The casino hoped to bring in at least 10,000 more families to the area and the leadership team of the casino are working hard to hire city residents to give back to the community.

The casino officials have gone above and beyond to promote the positions of the casino. Working with the chamber of Commerce as well as the Baltimore City, the group has created training classes for employment opportunities. The local colleges and universities are offering the classes to try dealers and supervisors for table game play.

The first training academy for table gaming began on the 28th of April. The program lasts 12 weeks and will teach individuals the rules and how to deal for craps, blackjack, poker and roulette. The in-depth program will be 240 hours of training and costs nothing. The casino is offering tuition-free training for individuals to earn dealer certification.

As of now, more than 16,000 people have asked for information on job opportunities at the casino. A few thousand individuals have already attended job meetings and academies. A hiring event also took place just last week to see interviews for various positions including food service, facilities management, maintenance, transportation, valet parking and more.