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Baltimore Casino Bringing Table Gaming and other jobs to the city
Later in 2014, a new casino will launch in Baltimore Maryland. The new casino, known as the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, will offer casino gaming as well as jobs to the area.

Philadelphia Casino Releases Simpler Craps Game
The game of craps is one that is enjoyed around the globe in casinos and gaming halls. The game can be played online but there is just something about playing the game in live form.

Free Dealer Classes on Offer at Horseshoe Baltimore
The Horseshoe Baltimore Casino is looking to hire table gaming dealers and as an incentive, the casino will be offering free dealer courses.

Craps a Big Earner in Pennsylvania
Table gaming is a popular pastime for many gamblers, especially across the United States. From craps to blackjack and poker, these games are well-received at casinos in the US and across the globe.

Maryland Casinos Fighting Over Table Gaming Dealers
Gaming dealers are a hot commodity in the state of Maryland as the Maryland Live! casino has been hiring dealers left and right since opening in 2012.

Florida Casino Cruise Ship Sets Sail Full Time
A cruise ship can provide a high quality gaming experience in a different setting. Players can still enjoy slot gaming, craps and roulette, but in vacation form! Who doesn’t love spending a few days or hours playing their favorite casino games and enjoying a few drinks? The latest cruise ship to set sail specifically offering casino gaming is the Island Breeze.

Craps Dealers to Earn Reimbursement for Certification
The state of Maryland offers gamblers a wide variety of gaming options. Players have the opportunity to enjoy table gaming, poker, slots and more.

Craps Pro Wants To Help Other Players
The game of craps is one that is enjoyed in both land casino play and online. Players love the thrill of rolling the die to see if they get the right numbers and win their wager.

Enjoy huge bonus cash at casino titan
Players to Casino Titan will be able to take advantage of more than just great gaming. Not only does the site offers maximum gaming potential with such titles as craps, blackjack and slots, but the casino also offers great money making potential.

Craps Pays Off Well At Maryland Live!
Maryland Live! Is the gaming location to visit in the state of Maryland. The casino offers a wide selection of gaming space and recent figures show the casino earning over $50 million for the month of February.