Craps in Las Vegas

Go to any casino on the Vegas Strip and the most uproarious behavior – both in jubilation and frustration – will be found coming from the Craps table. Craps in Las Vegas is perhaps the most exhilarating game there is, tremendously popular among those who know how to play it, and frequently too intimidating for those who do not. Please don’t be intimidated by this fabulous casino game. Any casino enthusiast must take a shot at Craps in Las Vegas at least once in their lifetime.

Craps in Las Vegas greatly differs from playing Craps in an online casino. You simply don’t get that invigoration at an online casino, or even at land-based casinos outside Las Vegas, that you experience at a Las Vegas Craps table. Also, online casinos do everything manually. Playing Craps in Las Vegas incurs an indiscriminate limit on the number of players that can be at a single table, limited only to the space available along the table rail. If you can’t fit your hands on the rail, the table is full, move on to the next table.

Players will find four casino employees working each the Craps table in Las Vegas. These are the Stickman, the Boxman and two Dealers. The Boxman is the lead man at the Craps table, overseeing the entire game and watching over the casino chips. The Boxman is responsible for exchanging each player’s cash for chips to use at the Craps table, though this goes first through a Dealer. The Boxman will inspect the dice regularly to ensure fair play. Should any disputes arise, it the Boxman’s duty to resolve them.

Directly opposite the Boxman stands the Stickman. It is the Stickman’s job to control the dice, using a long flexible stick. With this tool, he will pull the dice together after each roll, calling out the number rolled. Before a new Shooters first roll, the Stickman will push 3 sets of dice towards the Shooter, who will choose one set to use throughout the duration of his roll. After the Come Out Roll, the Stickman will announce the number rolled, followed by “The Point”, to relay that a Point has been established. In addition to controlling the dice, the Stickman is responsible for all Proposition Bets – those placed in the very center of the table’s betting diagram.

At each side of the Boxman stands a Dealer. It is each Dealer’s job to take care of his own end of the table. He will watch the bets being placed and ensure each losing bet is collected while each winning bet is paid properly.The Dealer is also responsible for taking certain Bets, such as Lay Bets, as they require a 5% commission to be paid. When a player wished to exchange cash for chips, the play must hand the money to the nearest Dealer, who will then hand it to the Boxman for counting. The Dealer then hands the new chips to the player.

With a general idea of how Craps in Las Vegas unfolds, players should have no fears about walking up to the table, requesting chips and placing a bet. Once you’ve spent a bit of time playing Craps in Las Vegas, you’ll understand why the majority consensus believes Craps to be the most exhilarating of all casino games.