Craps Dealers to Earn Reimbursement for Certification

The state of Maryland offers gamblers a wide variety of gaming options. Players have the opportunity to enjoy table gaming, poker, slots and more. Maryland Live! Is the most popular gaming facility in the state and players come from miles around to enjoy what the casino has to offer. Due to the amount of games available, operators need quality dealers to handle the massive amount of game activity. However, becoming certified as a card dealer can be expensive. Maryland Live! is now offering incentives for individuals to become certified.

The casino is offering players the opportunity to earn back tuition if they are hired by the casino. From now until the 1st of September, the casino will be paying back tuition fees to individuals who are hired during the time frame. The certification process must have been earned from the Anne Arundel Community College dealer school to be eligible for reimbursement.

The community college offers a nice selection of table game training fromcraps to blackjack and more. introductory classes start at just under $200 while advanced courses cost around $647. The advanced courses include: craps, roulette, pai gow poker and baccarat. The courses can be taken in the morning, afternoon and evening hours.

The casino is currently offering new hires the opportunity to earn back the cost of training. First an applicant must pass an introduction to table gaming course and then be trained in a specific game such as craps. Once hired, the employee must complete a 90 day introductory period and then pass a proficiency evaluation to be given reimbursement.

The process is a great way for players to be able to earn back the money spent for training. Players still have plenty of time to train and then earn the money back to get started on a brand new career path.

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