Craps Pays Off Well At Maryland Live!

Maryland Live! Is the gaming location to visit in the state of Maryland. The casino offers a wide selection of gaming space and recent figures show the casino earning over $50 million for the month of February. The table gaming options such as crapsprovided the bulk of the revenues for the last month of game play.

The revenues topped out at $52.3 million and this is the tenth month of a row that the casino earned over $50 million. The revenues for the month of February were increased by over $13 million based on last year’s earnings. Officials of the casino have stated that the table games additions and extended gaming hours have created the increase.

Craps is one gaming option that players continue to enjoy day after day. Blackjack and poker also help to bring in revenues to the casino. For table game play, over $4600 was earned for each table each day of operation. Slot machines also provided consistent revenues for the casino with $34 million for the month of February.

The Maryland Live! Casino is the most popular in the state so it is not surprising that the casino continues to bring in record revenues. The revenues that come in from the casino are shared between the county and state governments to be used as needed.

Far behind the Maryland Live! Casino in revenues is the Hollywood Casino which took in $7 million. Next up is the Casino at Ocean Down which earned $3.5 million. Maryland Live! will continue to be the dominator in the marketplace as they continue to offer top quality gaming in an exciting and elegant setting. Players continue to choose this casino as it offers a large gaming space, with extended gambling options. The setting is perfect with dining and entertainment options.

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