Craps Pro Wants To Help Other Players

The game of craps is one that is enjoyed in both land casino play and online. Players love the thrill of rolling the die to see if they get the right numbers and win their wager. The game does have a strategy to it and many people have been able to play craps as a career. Just take Eddy Perry for example. Perry has played the game of craps for over thirty five years and has learned quite a bit about the game along the way.

Perry now wants to share his information with the world. The pro states that he does not have a system when it comes to playing the game. He believes that a player will be flexible and will be able to evaluate the table to make a profitable play happen.

Perry learned the game of craps at the age of six and talks about how players must treat the game as if it were a business. Perry is a professional but uses his knowledge of the game to make smart decisions. By maximizing wins and minimizing losses, the right path is taken for success.

Perry pointed out that many players will begin losing and will play more games to try and get the money back. The pro believes that players need a stop loss to get back on their feet. You need a stop win too. Players have to know when to stop after a win as well.

Perry wants to show those interested in learning the game professionally, especially poker pros, as he feels they have the mindset to do well in the craps game. Perry is offering to teach basics of the game as well as how to adapt, play with the table, evaluate betting on certain numbers and what a good bet is.

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