Florida Casino Cruise Ship Sets Sail Full Time

A cruise ship can provide a high quality gaming experience in a different setting. Players can still enjoy slot gaming, craps and roulette, but in vacation form! Who doesn’t love spending a few days or hours playing their favorite casino games and enjoying a few drinks? The latest cruise ship to set sail specifically offering casino gaming is the Island Breeze.

The Island Breeze first opened on a soft scale at the Port of Palm Beach on the 15th of March and now the ship is ready to be sailing full time. This is the only option in Palm Beach County to offer slot gaming and this is due to the fact that the ship sails to foreign waters. The ship is allowed to offer a wide selection of gaming including craps, roulette, sports book along with the slot gaming.

The Island Breeze was formerly known as the Black Diamond and was purchased and over three million was spent to revamp the ship and get it ready for sailing. A brighter color scheme as well as additions was made to get players interested in the gaming options. The renovations took around a year to complete and now the ship is ready to function full time.

The third floor of the ship was enclosed to create a poker room space as well as a party room. Blackjack tables are also available with $5 minimums. The $5 minimum is most likely to go up after the cruse begins to become busier. The owners of the casino want players to visit the ship and are willing to give things to players to bring them in. free drinks are allowed which is a sure-fire way to get gamblers to climb on board and set sail. This is a product that racinos are not allowed to offer players and the Seminole casinos in the area only offer free drinks to high rollers.

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