Free Dealer Classes on Offer at Horseshoe Baltimore

The Horseshoe Baltimore Casino is looking to hire table gaming dealers and as an incentive, the casino will be offering free dealer courses. Local residents will now have the opportunity to learn a new career and be able to take training classes without having to pay the regular fees.

The casino has partnered with the Baltimore City Community College to offer the dealer classes and will be helping those interested learn how to deal forcraps, blackjack and many more table games. The casino is looking for people who have the attitude and are upbeat. They want dealers who will keep players happy and in the game.

Those who quality for the free training will be able to take a twelve week college course at the community college for no charge. This free offer comes just one month after the Maryland Live Casino decided to reimburse those who take dealer classes at the Anne Arundel Community College. The Horseshoe must keep up with competitors to be able to succeed in the industry.

The Horseshoe wants those interested to know that they take great pride in offering free courses where there is no upfront cost for players or barriers that may keep people from taking part in learning how to become a dealer.

Those who are applying for the position must be 21 years of age, at least by the time the casino is scheduled to open in the summer. Anyone who passes the initial screening will be able to enroll in the training classes which will be for craps, baccarat, roulette, poker and many other games. The courses start on April 28th and will last for twelve weeks.

Once a dealer is in a working position they can earn as much as $50,000, including tips. However, this type of salary is not guaranteed in the workplace.

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