Maryland Casinos Fighting Over Table Gaming Dealers

Gaming dealers are a hot commodity in the state of Maryland as the Maryland Live! casino has been hiring dealers left and right since opening in 2012. With the new casino coming to the Baltimore area, dealers are even more sought after and both casinos are paying the price to have the best of the best. The Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore should be opening this August and both the new casino and Maryland Live! are paying thousands of dollars to help dealers earn their training.

Currently, the Maryland Live! casino is reimbursing dealers of training costs if the courses are completed by September 1st. The upcoming Horseshoe Casino is also offering a deal with free courses at Baltimore City College. The General Manager of Maryland Live! Rob Norton stated that the casino is ready for the next casino competition.

According to Norton, the Maryland Live! casino teamed with one of the best community colleges in the area to run the school for the casino. Norton believes that this will give more credibility to their schooling choice.

Apparently the Horseshoe Casino is also planning on a top quality recruiting plan as well. The casino plans on hiring as many as 1,000 dealers and supervisors to help with the table gaming operations. The Horseshoe will be hosting the academy for the Table Games as well as a Legendary Academies. This will be a two day event that focuses on opportunities for employment. As many as 12,000 people are now on the list to be updated on hiring potential.

Both companies want to have the best of the best in their employment. Personality, outgoingness, skill and more will be evaluated to see how well a dealer is ready for the gaming tables. It will be interesting to see who wins in the bid for best dealers in the area in the coming months!

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