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Baltimore Casino Bringing Table Gaming and other jobs to the city
Later in 2014, a new casino will launch in Baltimore Maryland. The new casino, known as the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, will offer casino gaming as well as jobs to the area.

Philadelphia Casino Releases Simpler Craps Game
The game of craps is one that is enjoyed around the globe in casinos and gaming halls. The game can be played online but there is just something about playing the game in live form.

Free Dealer Classes on Offer at Horseshoe Baltimore
The Horseshoe Baltimore Casino is looking to hire table gaming dealers and as an incentive, the casino will be offering free dealer courses.

Craps a Big Earner in Pennsylvania
Table gaming is a popular pastime for many gamblers, especially across the United States. From craps to blackjack and poker, these games are well-received at casinos in the US and across the globe.

Maryland Casinos Fighting Over Table Gaming Dealers
Gaming dealers are a hot commodity in the state of Maryland as the Maryland Live! casino has been hiring dealers left and right since opening in 2012.

Florida Casino Cruise Ship Sets Sail Full Time
A cruise ship can provide a high quality gaming experience in a different setting. Players can still enjoy slot gaming, craps and roulette, but in vacation form! Who doesn’t love spending a few days or hours playing their favorite casino games and enjoying a few drinks? The latest cruise ship to set sail specifically offering casino gaming is the Island Breeze.

Craps Dealers to Earn Reimbursement for Certification
The state of Maryland offers gamblers a wide variety of gaming options. Players have the opportunity to enjoy table gaming, poker, slots and more.

Craps Pro Wants To Help Other Players
The game of craps is one that is enjoyed in both land casino play and online. Players love the thrill of rolling the die to see if they get the right numbers and win their wager.

Enjoy huge bonus cash at casino titan
Players to Casino Titan will be able to take advantage of more than just great gaming. Not only does the site offers maximum gaming potential with such titles as craps, blackjack and slots, but the casino also offers great money making potential.

Craps Pays Off Well At Maryland Live!
Maryland Live! Is the gaming location to visit in the state of Maryland. The casino offers a wide selection of gaming space and recent figures show the casino earning over $50 million for the month of February.

Craps added to free play mobile option
Craps is a popular casino game that players around the world enjoy. The game is one that can easily be played and is a hot option online.

Casino Playing Suing after Craps Win
When a gambler wins a wager, they expect to be paid. However, sometimes the casino does not pay up. Thomas Hughley understands that casinos do not always pay after he earned a win while playing craps.

Craps Dealer Arrested for Stealing
Just like players, gaming dealers have certain rules and regulations they must follow. Casinos trust their dealers to provide a proper gaming experience to customers and be both honest and reliable.

FTP launching online casino games
Craps, blackjack, roulette and poker are just a few of the casino games that players enjoy on a regular basis. Players log on to their favorite casinos to play the games they enjoy in live game play but from the comfort of home.

North Dakota Dealer Charged with Cheating
Card dealers employed by casinos are supposed to be ethical and knowledgeable of rules and regulations of the game. Dealers must be able to provide the rules and regulations of the game to players so that the game can be enjoyed and played correctly.

Philadelphia Casino Celebrating Anniversary with Special Gaming Options
Harrah’s has long been a celebrated brand, offering gamblers the opportunity to participate in their favorite casino games, tournaments and more.

Movie Looking for Casino Extras
Craps, roulette, poker and slots are just a few casino games that are popular at brick and mortar casinos. Gamblers have many options to choose from when hitting the casino and it can be hard to pick just one game to enjoy.

Las Vegas Sands in Casino Trouble
Brick and mortar casinos have a long list of rules they must follow and adhere to so that game play runs smoothly. Blackjack and craps as well as well as other gambling games must have strict rules in place to keep players and regulators happy.

Philadelphia Casino Goer Robbed and Shot
Going to the casino is always a good time. Players enjoy playing their favorite games such as craps and blackjack when visiting a casino to have a great time or hopefully win some cash.

Problem Gamblers Feel Winning Better Than Sex
Across the globe there are different options available for gambling. From craps to blackjack, poker to sportsbetting, different places across the globe offer many different gaming opportunities.

UK Gambling Ads Increase Considerably
Gambling in the United Kingdom is a booming industry. For many years, gamblers have been able to enjoy their favorite gambling games, from craps to blackjack and more.

Top gaming providers team up for Italian Gamers
The Italian gaming market is beginning to blossom and every operator and gaming company wants to get in on the action. Blackjack and craps players will soon have their hands full as more and more operators get into the market.

Gambling Study Findings Released in the UK
A gambling report was recently conducted by Vivid Interface and Clarion Events to show how mobile gambling is changing and player trends in the UK.

Cashplay Enters Real Money Gaming Market
Social gaming is an option that many players enjoy. From online bingo sites to casino and social media, players have a wide variety of gaming options to choose from.

WorldPlay Enters New Market
Millions of gamblers enjoys craps, poker and other gambling games via a mobile device. Mobile gambling is a top option for player as it allows for wagering on the go.

Two More Gamblers Arrested for Child Neglect
It is not uncommon for parents to visit a casino, but most times the children are left at home. However, we have found that many parents do not feel the need to find a babysitter or leave the children at home.

Gambler Arrested for Skinny Dipping at Casino
Gamblers will do crazy things, especially those who may have had a little too much to drink. Anyone who has been to a casino has seen players get a little too crazy at the craps table, spending too much cash and drinking too much alcohol.

New Mobile Option Makes Finances Simple
Mobile gaming is a great way for players to enjoy wagering online while on the go. With mobile gaming, players are not restricted to game play at home or at a brick and mortar casino.

Playtech Working on Acquisitions for Mobile Gaming
Mobile is a word associated with most everything these days. Consumers want to be able to go mobile with everything they do.

Bodog Casino Offering Mobile Gaming in Canada
Mobile gaming is a top choice for many gamblers across the globe in today’s market. Players love to have the option of playing their favorite games such as craps or blackjack from the comfort of their own home or on the go.

Foxwoods Resort Decides to Offer Special Craps Odds
Foxwoods’ Club Newport has decided to satisfy craps game players by offering a select option for craps game play. The casino will now offer 10X Free Odds during craps game play.

Craps runs well in Pennsylvania Casino
The game of craps is one that is played with both excitement and finesse. The game is played in brick and mortar casinos on a daily basis.

Craps Game Becoming Popular in Land Game Play
The game of craps is one that is very popular with online and land based gamblers. Players have found they have many choices for craps game play depending on where they are.

Earn Free Money at Casino Titan
Free is always better and gamblers know that there are many ways to earn free cash while enjoying online gambling games. Online casino and gambling sites offer a wide selection of money earning options from bonus opportunities to promotions.

Illinois Man Convicted of Casino Robbery
In April of 2012, a gambler left the Par-A-Dice casino in East Peoria, Illinois with just over $2,000 in winnings in his pocket.

Rhode Island State Police Charge Gambler with Cheating
Casino cheating is not uncommon and seems to be making headlines more often than not. Players either think they can cheat the casino without getting caught or they simply attempt to take chips or cash and make a run for it.

Florida Casino Ship Ready to Sail
Cruise ship gambling is a great opportunity for fans of gambling to enjoy the games they love while on vacation. The Genting Group has been preparing a new cruise ship for some time and now the ship is ready to set sail.

Nevada Casino Revenues Bump Up
Gaming companies in Nevada have to stay on top of their game to be able to meet the revenues they need to stay up and running.

No Luck for Ryan Seacrest at the Craps Table
Ryan Seacrest is possibly the most recognizable face on television as he has been the presenter for American Idol for over a decade and continues to grow his career by hosting various television shows and producing as well.

New York Racinos Want Table Games
All across the United States, individual states have the right to decide if they want to offer brick and mortar casino gaming options or not.

Rhode Island Casino Launches Table Games
Table games are a favorite of many casino goers and can be found at many brick and mortar gaming facilities. However, some casinos offer only basic gaming options such as slots and do not include games such as craps and blackjack.

Manhattan Court Rules in Favor of Casino in Craps Case
Most times when a gambler loses a large amount of cash, the gambler understands it is their fault. It would be odd to blame the casino for the losses since the gamblers know that the aspect of the game is to gamble.

Enjoy Massive Welcome Bonus at Win Palace Casino
Win Palace Casino is a top provider of online gambling games for players all across the globe. The casino offers a wide selection of gaming options from craps to blackjack and poker gaming options.

Ohio Casino Cheaters Charged
Five men have been charged with casino gaming offenses after visiting a casino in the state of Ohio and cheating at both the craps and blackjack tables.

Fourth Casino Ready for action in Maryland
The state of Maryland offers visitors several selections when it comes to casino gambling and the state has now decided to add another option to the mix.

Free Cash at Casino Titan
Online casino game play is a popular form of entertainment and millions of people enjoy their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes.

Craps Style Bonus Available with New Slots Game
Craps and slots are both popular gambling games that players enjoy both in live game play as well as in online game play. The two are common favorites but rarely are played together.

Win Palace Weekly Bonus Opportunities
Win Palace Casino is one option that players have been enjoying for many years. Players enjoy the site because they can access their favorite casino games, tournament play, bonuses and more.

Stacey Keibler Visits Maryland Live! For Table Gaming Launch
Maryland Live! is now offering table games in the state and players were extremely excited to kick off the new gaming options a few weeks ago.

Psychokinetic Craps Player Guilty of Murder
Robert E. Graves has been arrested for the alleged shooting death of young Geoffrey Greer during a party. The suspect says he is not guilty and called the police report flawed.

Casino Titan Offering High Roller Bonus for New Players
Gamblers who enjoy the game of craps as well as other table and slot gaming options should check out online casino Casino Titan.

Mobile Gaming Continues to Gain in Popularity
Online gambling has been very popular with gamblers for many years now and it continues to be a very popular option for those who enjoy placing wagers.

Casino Titan Offering ‘Sizzling’ Welcome Package
Online casino, Casino Titan, is one of the hottest online casinos available today. The gambling site offers a wide selection of casino gaming options, including top quality bonus options.

Broncos Player Denies Cheating at Craps Game
Last week we reported that Denver Broncos player Quinton Carter was accused of cheating a Las Vegas casino when he added to his bet.

Crazy Sunday at Casino Titan
With so many online casinos to choose from, it can be difficult for online gamblers to find the best casino to fit their online gambling needs.

Gold Up For Grabs at Reno Casino
The Siena Hotel Spa Casino located in Reno, Nevada is currently offering visitors a unique experience. Anyone visiting the casino will be able to take part in special reopening anniversary celebrations.

Horseshoe Baltimore Casino One Step Closer
The fifth casino for the state of Maryland is one step closer to fruition after the final design approval went through yesterday.

Perryville Casino to Launch Table Games Next Month
Table games are a favorite among most gamblers and as gambling continues to grow in the United States, more casinos and gambling facilities are beginning to add table gaming options.

Robber Sentenced in Craps Case
Marvino Mister is not spending his time in jail after he was sentenced to thirty years for robbing a craps player for several thousand dollars.

Craps Player Switches Games and Wins Millions
Gamblers usually have one or two games they enjoy playing and will continue to play the same games time and time again. This move can be one of habit or superstition but one that many make on a regular basis.

Former Craps Dealer sentenced in Cheating Scam
At any casino across the globe, there is a threat for cheating. Gamblers have been known to try and pull one over on the dealer to try and earn free chips.

Sands Casino Dominates Table Game Revenues
The Sands Casino is one of the most popular gambling options in the state of Pennsylvania and the official numbers for 2012 have now been released with the Sands taking the top spot for table gaming options.

Bonus Craps Reaches New Heights
Bonus Craps is a casino table game based on the standard game of craps that was created by the Galaxy Gaming group. The game has grown in popularity over a period of time and has now been installed over one hundred times.

Lucky Red Casino Weekday Bonus Opportunities
Lucky Red Casino is a top online gambling destination for many online gamblers. The site offers a wide variety of gaming options for players to choose from as well as reward earning opportunities.

Ocean Downs to remain open 24/7
The state of Maryland is very busy when it comes to gambling. Just this past November, the state saw approval by voters for an expansion of table games to include craps, blackjack, roulette and poker to the existing as well as planned casinos.

New Mississippi Casino Opens
Last Tuesday the Magnolia Bluffs Casino opened for the very first time and the casino floor was slammed with players ready to gamble.

Bangor Maine Casino to offer Craps Games
The Hollywood Casino in Bangor was the first casino added to the state and like casinos all across the United States, the casino is expanding.

Georgia man jailed for craps robbery
An Athens, Georgia man was sent straight to jail from prison last week after going to trial for a craps robbery incident from last year.

UNLV’s Gaming Laboratory Teaches Students The Ways of Casino Gaming
The gaming laboratory at UNLV is used to teach students the ways of casino gambling. From craps to blackjack and other table games, the students learn how to play casino games so they can work in the gaming industry.

Thousands competing to attend new dealer school
The Maryland Live Casino is scheduled to launch in five months and before the launch, the casino is looking to train and hire craps and card dealers.

Rhode Island Gaming Venues Want Table Games
Both the Twin River and Newport Grand Casinos would love to see table gaming options at their gaming facilities. That is why they spent over $4 million for campaigning to try and convince residents of the state of Rhode Island to vote in favor of table gaming options in the state such s craps, roulette and blackjack.

Zynga Company to offer craps and other gambling games
Zynga is known for offering social gaming options on top sites such as Facebook. The company recently announced that they have partnered with Bwin.Party to offer real money gaming options in the United Kingdom.

Craps cheater gets community service
Cheating at the craps table is never a good idea. Players who try usually get caught and end up with more than they bargained for.

Cape Girardeau Casino Opens in Missouri
In the spring of 2010, the 13th and final casino license was up for grabs in the state of Missouri and it was Jim Riley, a founder of Dream Big LLC who pursued the casino development.

Penn National Gaming Hiring Casino Workers
Penn National Gaming is planning on hiring dozens of employees this month as their plans of taking over the Harrah’s St.

Weekend Bonus at Lucky Red Casino
Lucky Red Casino is a top online casino that is known for offering players great bonus options. The online casino is currently hosting a special weekend bonus which will give players access to extra cash to play their favorite casino games such as blackjack and craps!

Final Test Run a Success at Hollywood Casino Columbus
The Hollywood Casino Columbus hosted their final test run on Wednesday and it looked as though the casino is ready for business.

Bellagio Bandit Case Officers Honored for their Efforts
The Bellagio Bandit Case was one of the largest robberies in the Las Vegas area and many police officers and officials worked hard to catch Anthony Carleo.

Atlantic city casino gives craps players a seat
Normally, when playing the game of craps, the players are standing around the gaming table. But this is not the case anymore at the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel, in Atlantic City.

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Renovations Almost Complete
The expansion at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino & Hotel is almost complete and players have been waiting a long time. Since the approval for the expansion in 2007, players have been waiting to enjoy a more luxurious casino with added gaming options as well as more entertaining surroundings.

Craps Robber Caught on Surveillance Footage
The Horseshoe Casino in Ohio, along with police officials, has been trying to catch a man who robbed a craps player of several hundred dollars.

Seminole Casino adding roulette and craps games
The Seminole Tribe of Florida is planning on adding new games to their casino floors. The casinos now will have roulette and craps games that are already available at the Magic City casino located in Miami as well as other casinos.

Craps cheaters hit Toledo Casino
Cheating at the casino is a common occurrence. Many gamblers have become so addicted that they are quickly running out of cash and will go to extreme means to make extra cash to pay their bills.

Olympic promotion at Bodog casino
Bodog casino, now known to many as Bovada, has decided to offer a special promotion opportunity for Olympic fans in honor of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Caesars to build casino in Maryland
It was recently announced that Caesars Entertainment will have one of their affiliates building a new casino in the state of Maryland.

Casino cruise ship to set sail this august
Black Diamond Casino Inc. is getting ready to launch casino cruises form the Port of Palm Beach this summer. The cruise ship should be ready in August and by the end of the month, the ship should be ready to set sail.

Gambling to be expanded in Maryland
It looks as though gambling is going to be expanding in the state of Maryland. Michael Busch, the House Speaker of the state, has reported that he believes that the governor of the state is going to move forward to expand gambling in the state.

Ohio casino attracts college students
The Hollywood Casino in Toledo, Ohio has only been open a few weeks but has already become a top destination. The casino has even brought out the college crowd and many young people are enjoying the night life as well as the gambling tables.

Casino cases head to Ohio court system
In the state of Ohio, the first casinos were just recently launched in Cleveland and Toledo. The casinos have seen great success since they opened and it was announced that several players tried to cheat the casino in the first few weeks of service.

Cherry Red Casino Bonus Opportunity
Cherry Red Casino is a popular option for online gamblers. The site is available in many countries and offers players the best in casino game play.

New Toledo casino earns millions in first month
The Hollywood Casino Toledo has been open for only one month and already, the casino has hundreds of millions in revenues.

Cheating Gamblers Caught in Ohio
Cheaters at casinos are not uncommon as players who are desperate to earn quick cash will do just about anything to best the casino.

Ohio City Councils Want Tax Change on Gambling Jackpots
The Horseshoe Casino located in Cleveland, Ohio is a very new casino. Open only for about two months, the casino has already become a popular destination for avid gamblers.

IP E-Game Ventures to create casino in Cagayan
IP E-Game Ventures Inc recently spend P70 million to purchase properly in Cagayan. The property was a casino complex and building offices and the group plans on opening up a fully functioning casino in the area.

Las Vegas Casino Celebrating 50th Anniversary
The Eldorado Casino in Las Vegas is a casino that has stood the test of time. The casino will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this weekend and gamblers will be able to take advantage of special pricing as part of the celebrations.

Isle Casino and Racing adds craps games
The Isle Casino and Racing is a top casino in the Pompano Beach area of Florida and today, the casino is going to launch new casino games.

Dealer classes begin as Ohio State awaits casino opening
Many states in the US do not offer casinos. Gamblers have to travel to other states to be able to enjoy the games they love such as craps and poker.

New casino seems evident in Prince George County
Inside sources have reported that an agreement should soon be made between MGM and National Harbor in Prince George County.

Maine casino now open for business
Casinos are popping up all across the United States as more individual states begin to legalize gambling options. Gambling facilities that were running on slot or video gaming options are now opening up to table gaming options such as blackjack and craps and many states are adding casinos for the very first time.

Ohio man arrested for stealing craps chips
Everyone enjoys visiting their favorite casino. The atmosphere is exciting and with so many games to choose from, the entertainment options are endless.

Craps could be coming to Cherokee Indian Casino
Live craps and other dealer games may be close to fruition in North Carolina as the option moved one step closer to legalization.

Pennsylvania casino ejects craps player for cheating
About two weeks ago, the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem in the state of Pennsylvania announced they had to ban a craps player for cheating at the craps tables.

University of Akron offering students casino course
The University of Akron recently announced that they will give their students an opportunity to earn one college credit by learning about casino gambling.

New Kansas pension bill involves blackjack and other casino games
A new pension’s bill has been introduced in the state of Kansas which would use revenues from casino games such as craps and blackjack to support retirement for teachers and government workers.

Bodog Casino hands out big prizes
Every week, Bodog Casino is rewarding players with nice jackpot prizes. The online casino offers a wide selection of casino games from craps to blackjack, poker to slots.

First Commercial Casino in Ohio to open this week
The first commercial casino in the state of Ohio is set to open this Monday night and operators are expecting a large amount of gamblers to attend the grand opening.

Craps game shooting verdict upheld in Georgia Court
Back in 2007, Mario Demetrius Westbrook admitted to shooting fellow craps players after stating they cheated him and mocked him during the game.

My Craps Game now compatible with more options
My Craps Game is simulation software created by Digital Showcase LLC and now the game is supports more options including iPads, Mac, Windows and Android.

Ohio Casino granted full gaming license
The Horseshoe Casino Cleveland is scheduled to open on May 14th and the casino is now ready to offer all gaming options. The Ohio Casino Control Commission recently granted the casino with a full gaming license which means the casino can now offer craps, blackjack and other gambling games.

Craps player wins big at Bodog Casino
Online casino Bodog is a popular choice for online gamblers. Players log on from all over the world to enjoy the many gaming options the casino has to offer.

Weekend Bonus Option at Aladdin’s Gold Casino
Aladdin’s Gold Casino is a great online casino choice for anyone who likes to play online casino games. The site has a large list of casino games from craps to blackjack and poker to slots.

Casino cruise ship getting ready to set sail
Residents and visitors to the state of Florida will soon be able to enjoy gambling on the open waters once the Black Diamond cruise ship is ready to set sail.

Ohio Casinos preparing for cheaters
Casinos are going to open soon in the state of Ohio since they earned approval and operators are preparing to take on cheaters.

New Atlantic City casino opens with great success
The Revel Casino in Atlantic City has now opened, after $2.4 billion was spent on its creation. The casino saw a rush of casino gamblers taking to the craps and blackjack tables to try and be the first winners of the new casino.

Maryland lawmakers looking to add table games
Lawmakers in the state of Maryland are going over a bill that would allow table games as well as video lottery games in the state gambling facilities.

Baltimore mayor in favor of expanded gambling
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is the mayor of Baltimore, Maryland and she has recently announced she is in favor of expanded gambling options in the state.

Delaware craps dealer arrested for stealing
Gina A. Savinell was working as a craps dealer at the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino as a craps dealer but now things have changed.

Las Vegas Casino becomes pet friendly establishment
Most everyone in the world is a pet owner that includes gamblers. Many gamblers want to visit such gambling cities as Las Vegas to be able to enjoy their favorite games such as craps or blackjack, but a pet is simply not allowed at the craps table, much less in the actual casino.

Valley Forges Casino Resort finally ready to open
Residents of Pennsylvania have been waiting what seems like forever for the Valley Forge Casino Resort to open. The casino is finally ready and will open its doors at 12:01 in the morning hours on Saturday March 31st!

Survey Says: online gambling appeals mostly to women
A survey of online gambling was recently conducted by The Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism which is located at Richard Stockton College.

Las Vegas casino expanding for the first time in decades
The Golden Gate Casino located in Las Vegas, Nevada was created in 1906 and has been in business every since. The casino has seen ups and downs and has just recently decided to expand the casino in a major way.

Second Chance Chip at Cherry Red Casino
Online casino Cherry Red Casino offers many promotions and rewards for players to take advantage of. One option the online casino offers is the Second Chance Chip promotion.

Table games possibly coming to New York
The state of New York has been a state in the US that does not offer many types of gambling games. Since gambling is opening up in many states, New York has finally jumped on the band wagon and is now trying to offer expanded casino gambling.

Table Games bring Nevada Revenues to the Billion Mark for January
The state of Nevada should be very happy after seeing the gambling figures for the month of January. The Nevada Gaming Control Board recently released the figures and revenues rose 18.4% which took the revenues for the month over the $1 billion dollar mark!

Oklahoma state university offering condoms for craps
This news story has got to be one of the most unusual that I have ever heard but quite smart! Oklahoma State University hosted a special Condom Casino night this past week to promote sexual health on their campus.

Weekend Warrior Bonus at Rome Casino
Rome Casino is a top online casino that offers players many different casino games from craps, blackjack and poker. The online casino also offers players special promotions and bonuses which give players the opportunity to earn extra cash.

Community College to add to casino dealer training program
Atlantic Cape Community College is a community college which trains students to be card dealers at casinos. The community college recently earned over $41,000 to be used to upgrade their training equipment.

Ohio casino employees must be approved before work can begin
The Hollywood Casino Toledo in Ohio is expected to open the last week of May and employees are trying to get ready for the casino open.

Kansas Star Casino does well in opening weeks
A new casino that opened in Mulvane, Kansas is doing well after being open just a few weeks. The Kansas Star Casino opened in late December and has already netted revenues of $21.6 million.

Maryland Governor not 100% for table games
All across the United States, casinos are beginning to add more gaming options. The first game a gambling facility will add is slots but most gamblers want to enjoy table games as well.

Florida casino opponents say gambling will cause crime
A study was recently conducted in the state of Florida on the subject of table games coming to the southern part of the state.

Valley Forge Resort Casino to offer table games
The Valley Forge Resort Casino in Pennsylvania is getting to open this spring and players will be glad to hear the casino will be offering table games.

Club World Casino offering special cash back bonus
Club World Casino is a top online casino that offers players a large selection of online casino games as well as tournament options.

Crapless Craps now available at Fitzgerald Casino in Tunica
The Fitzgerald Casino located in Tunica now has a new option for those who enjoy the game of craps. Crapless Craps is now available at the casino and players will find this new table game option quite enjoyable.

Kansas City casino opens to the public
The new Hollywood Casino at the Kansas Speedway is open for business after the casino opened its doors to the public last week.

Sandestin Resort stops plans for gambling option
Tom Becnel is the owner of the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Sandestin, Florida and he was making big plans to add a casino to the resort.

Gambling addict steals from sick children to fund habit
No one is safe from the insanities of an addicted gambler. In recent news reports, even sick children cannot get away from being duped by an online gambler.

New dealer classes could be coming to Maine
The state of Maine is hoping to offer their residents special classes which will teach players who to be dealers at table games.

New Hollywood Casino previewed in Toledo
The New Hollywood Casino located in Toledo is scheduled to open very soon and is currently on schedule with construction. The casino has a budget of $300 million and it looks as though it will open on time.

New York Racino wants to add craps and other table games
The Saratoga Casino and Raceway located in Saratoga Springs, New York recently announced they have plans to expand their gambling facility and spend about $40 million on the expansion.

New Pennsylvania casino petitions to add table games
The Valley Forge Casino Resort located in Montgomery County Pennsylvania is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2012 and operators are now petitioning to add table games.

Gambling Cruises could return to Florida
The state of Florida has offered a unique gambling option in the past with gambling cruises and players have been ready for some time to see the ships back in action.

Craps Strategy helps players compete better at the tables
Playing the game of craps online is quite easy, if you understand the game. Many players will be beginners in the game of craps and give it a go without learning the rules of the game or any strategy.

Pennsylvania Casinos keep tight watch on banned gamblers
The state gaming control board in Pennsylvania keeps a tight watch on gamblers who are on the banned listed. Many players are banned from casinos by the casino but most have asked to be banned so they can try and work on their gambling addiction.

New Kansas City casino does well opening week
A new casino opened up just a few days ago in the state of Kansas and already the casino has earned millions of dollars. The casino did well over the first week of operation and officials are optimistic about the future of the casino.

New York Racino adds Second Floor Gaming Options
Just a few days ago, the Aqueduct Racino in Queens New York opened the doors to its second level of gaming options. Resorts World has been working hard on the additions and now gamblers will be able to enjoy a nice night out with fine dining options as well as electronic versions of their favorite games such as craps, sic bo, baccarat and roulette.

Senator hopes lifting smoking ban will increase casino revenue
Deadwood Casinos in South Dakota are suffering greatly when it comes to revenues. The casino has done quite well in the past however, since a no smoking ban passed in 2009 the casino has steadily declined.

Craps and other gambling games could come to Arizona gaming facilities
Gamblers in the state of Arizona could have many more options if voters approve to expand casino and racetrack gambling options.

Cleveland residents begin learning dealer training
Cleveland Ohio residents are in full dealer training mode after classes began this past Thursday at the Thistledown racetrack.

Kansas casino craps dealers test out their skills
The Kansas Star casino is a new casino that has opened up in the state of Kansas. The casino is set to open officially on December 26th but the casino recently opened up its doors so the new dealers could practice their skills and make sure they are ready for customers.

Former casino cheater now helps people break gambling habits
Gao Ge is a former casino cheater that has reformed his ways and is now helping others break their gambling habits. Ge used to travel the entire continent of Asia cheating casinos out of a ton of cash but now the former cheater uses his skills to help players break any gambling habits they may have.

Thistledown Race Track transforms into school to train dealers
The Horseshoe Casino Cleveland is currently under construction and is set to open in March of 2012. Since the opening is just a few months away, the casino is getting ready to hire table game dealers as well as other employees.

Tennessee man remains in jail for craps scam
Criminals in prison in the United States have the right to appeal their convictions if the court sees fit. Those who choose to appeal hope to have their sentence reduced or overturned.

Maine Casinos to add table games
The state of Maine has offered gamblers slot game play for the past six years and soon, players will be able to enjoy more gaming options.

St Louis Casino loses millions to craps players
Most times, casinos win big, as players wager more than they win. But sometimes, the cards align and players are able to win so much money the casino takes a loss in revenues.

Gambling Statisticians say online casinos cheat craps players
When players enjoy the game of craps or any other casino game online, they want to feel as though they are being treated fairly.

Cherry red Casino offers nice VIP Reward program
Cherry Red Casino is a top provider of online gambling content. The site has a large selection of online casino games and tournament options.

Dealer training begins in Ohio
The Hollywood Casino has now officially started their dealer’s classes at the Owens Community College. Students will be learning how to deal for several casino games including craps, blackjack and much more.

Navajo Casino to offer craps and blackjack next year
The Northern Edge Navajo Casino is set to open this January and with the opening with come entertainment opportunities as well as job openings.

Craps gaming at Rushmore casino
The game of craps is a popular one that can be found at most online casinos. Rushmore Casino is one such option that offers the game.

Trump casino offering lower priced craps games
Atlantic City casinos are in constant competition with Las Vegas. Atlantic City casino operators work hard to compete with the other gambling city in the United States and recently, the casinos in the AC have been working overtime.

Club World Casino offering Great Sign Up Bonus
Club World Casino is an online casino that is offering a great sign up bonus for new players. The online casino offers the best in online casino gaming including craps, blackjack, video poker, poker, keno, scratch cards and much more.

Kansas Star Casino adds new gaming options
The Kansas Star Casino is one of the only casinos in the region that offers players table games such as craps and roulette.

Nevada approves new craps game
The Nevada Gaming Control Board has approved the addition of a new craps game crated by Aruze Gaming America. The game is the first to be approved that is an electro-mechanical game in the craps genre.

Erie Casino Table Game revenues sink
The Presque Isle Downs & Casino located in Erie have suffered a significant drop in table game revenues for the month of September.

Ohio Casino getting ready to hire craps dealers
In Toledo, Ohio, a new casino getting ready to open next year and in the process of getting ready, the casino is hiring table game dealers.

Casino shooting results in Hell’s Angels San Jose chapter head’s death
When people see the word shooting and casino in the same sentence, most people, especially gamblers, think of the game of craps.

Earn extra cash for craps at Aladdin’s Gold
Aladdin’s Gold is a great online casino for gamblers to visit and enjoy their favorite casino games. The online casino offers a wide variety of games for every type of player.

Craps Winners sued by Las Vegas Casino
The Wynn Las Vegas Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is currently suing two gamblers for suspecting them of cheating the casino.

Hollywood Casino in Toledo looking for table game dealers
The new casino that is under construction in Toledo is getting ready to hire new table game dealers. Hollywood Casino Toledo is planning on taking applications for four to five hundred dealers for games such as craps, roulette and blackjack.

New craps game launched in Las Vegas
A new craps game is slowly being integrated into Las Vegas casinos. The new game is a mix between craps and roulette and is titled Scossa.

Learning the game of craps at Bodog Casino
Bodog Casino is a top provider of online casino gaming options and one such option is the game of craps. Craps is a popular option for online gamblers and the game is readily accessible at Bodog Casino.

Craps game paying off at Pennsylvania casinos
Table games have been doing very well in the state of Pennsylvania especially after this past month. The state has released their revenue figures for table games such as craps and blackjack and the figures show that the games have increased by over fifty percent for the month of august compared to last year.

Delaware casino could get tax cuts from poor table game revenues
The casinos located in the state of Delaware are struggling to make a profit, especially with the craps, blackjack and poker tables.

Interblock to debut new craps game at G2E 2011
G2E Las Vegas 2011 is just around the corner and Interblock is getting ready to debut nine new gaming machines which have been created with state of the art technology.

Earn Extra Bonus Cash at BetOnline
BetOnline is a top online casino and since they are open to US players, they have become even more popular. The online casino offers gamblers many casino gaming options from craps and blackjack to poker and roulette.

Potential craps thief caught in action
Online sports blogger Fairway Jay of Sports Memo recently reported about an incident that occurred at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

Atlantic City Casino fined for allowing blacklisted player to gamble
An Atlantic City casino was fined recently by the Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey for allowing a person to gamble who has been banned from gambling activities.

Craps players on a roll at Bodog
Bodog Casino offers their players many options when it comes to online gambling and one of the top choices is the game of craps.

Casino Royale suffers from gang violence
Imagine sitting at the craps table about to place your bet when several masked men enter the casino and with automatic rifles.

Bellagio Bandit Sentenced for Craps Chips Heist
In December 2010, the biggest news story in the gambling industry was the Bellagio Bandit. The mystery robbery entered into the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas and stole $1.5 million in casino chips from a craps table.

Illinois Priest earns jail time for gambling habit
John Regan was the acting priest at the St. Walter Parish in Roselle, Illinois and was trusted by everyone in the congregation.

Lucky Red Casino offering weekly deposit bonus
Lucky Red Casino offers players many great casino games but a big draw for players is the bonuses available. The online casino offers many bonuses for players including deposit bonuses.

New York Gaming Facility adds Electronic Games
Monticello Casino and Raceway is a gaming facility located in Monticello, New York and they recently announced they are adding more electronic table games.

Club World Casino Welcome Bonus
Club World Casino is a top online casino which offers players the best in online gambling options. The online casino offers such games as craps, video poker, blackjack, slots, keno and much more.

Craps tables seized in home gambling raids
In North Carolina, several homes were raided as they were suspected of being involved in a high stakes poker and gambling operation.

Sands Asia Table games doing far better than Pennsylvania Sands
Table games such as craps and roulette are quite popular in most every land casino. These types of table games were added to the Sands Casino in Pennsylvania and have shown their popularity by creating much revenue for the state.

Yonkers Raceway breaks ground on new expansion
The Yonkers Raceway located in Yonkers, New York recently broke ground on an expansion that will cost $40 million dollars.

Learn to deal craps at Pennsylvania community college
With so many gaming facilities opening up in the state of Pennsylvania as well as table games being added to existing facilities, dealers are in great need.

Casino Titan offering $7 Free No Deposit Bonus
Online casinos offer players many different types of bonuses to give them an opportunity to earn extra cash and rewards. Some of the bonuses available are: sign up bonus, no deposit bonus, free cash, reload bonus and much more.

New Kansas City Casino looking to hire table game dealers
All across the United States, new casinos and gaming facilities are being created. Governments are opening up to gambling and because of this gaming facilities are able to add more games or new casinos are being built.

New casino to open in Illinois
The Rivers Casino is a new casino set to open this Monday in Des Plaines, Illinois. Owners of the new casino are hoping that customers will come from all over, including the Chicago area and surrounding cities and states, for the opening.

Rhode Island slot parlor may soon add craps and other table games
Many residents in the state of Rhode Island would like to see table games such as craps, blackjack and poker to be added to the Twin River slot parlor.

Enjoy craps at Cherry Red Casino
Cherry Red Casino is a very popular online casino that provides gamblers with the best in casino games. from table games to slot and video poker options, Cherry Red Casino has it all.

Presque Isle Downs Casino celebrating one year anniversary of table games
Table games are a common option in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, and have been for many years. However in other cities across the United States, table games are relatively new.

Invite friends to Bodog Casino to earn extra cash
Bodog Casino offers their players many ways to earn extra cash from bonuses to promotions. The online casino currently offers their members an easy way to make extra gambling cash; just invite your friends! By using your Bodog account to invite friends, players can earn up to $100 in extra cash per friend!

New York Gaming facility to add craps and roulette
Gaming facilities across the United States are starting to add new games to their current offerings. Many facilities offer players slot games or lottery terminal style games so any other options added are welcome by gambles.

Bellagio biker bandit faces up to seventy two years in prison
Anthony Carleo the man accused of robbing the Bellagio Casino last year has now pled guilty to robbing both the Bellagio and the Suncoast casino.

Presque Isle Downs & Casino table game revenues down
Table game revenues are down at the Presque Isle Downs & Casino in May according to the month of April’s revenues. The casino recently released their table game figures and they show that table game players were able to win more cash in May 2011 than in April.

Sarasota Springs Casino to offer new craps game
The Saratoga Casino and Raceway located in Saratoga Springs, Florida is now offering their players the game of craps as well as a new slot game.

New York raceway to add video craps to gaming floor
Yonkers Raceway in New York is getting ready for a major expansion. The Empire City Casino which is located at the raceway will be adding several new games and features including video craps tables.

Yonkers Raceway hoping to add craps and other table games
The Yonkers Raceway in Yonkers, New York is hoping to soon be able to add table games such as craps and blackjack to their gaming floor.

Vegas man earns long prison sentence for cheating at craps
Back in September 2010, Brent Eli Morris was arrested for playing craps and trying to cheat the casino. This was not the best decision in the world but it was made worse by the fact that Morris is already blacklisted from casinos in the area.

Tunica Casinos back in business
When the Mississippi River flooded a few weeks ago, many businesses along the river were forced to close, including casinos located in Tunica, Mississippi.

Deadwood Gaming Association looking to add craps
The Deadwood Gaming Association is located in South Dakota and the group was recently in the news for trying to fight the addition of slot machines variants in establishments that host video lottery games across the state.

RI Slot Operators want to see table games added
Twin River is a slot parlor located in Rhode Island and the operators of the parlor are hoping that they will be able to add table games very soon.

Wisconsin men arrested during home craps game
This past Monday night around eleven pm, two men were arrested in Madison, Wisconsin during a home craps game. Local police were going to a local apartment building in Madison to check on reports of gambling when they stumbled upon the craps game.

Players enjoy craps in honor of landmark casino closing
The Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is a landmark in the city as it has been open for fifty eight years on the Vegas Strip.

Bellagio Robbery Suspect charged in yet another robbery
Anthony Carleo is the suspect in the Bellagio resort robbery in which he stole $1.5 million in casino chips from a craps table.

Nevada Casinos up for the month of March
The month of March was a good month for Nevada Casinos as they won 5.1 percent more for the month than the year 2010. The higher percent is due largely in part to the increase of what gamblers managed to lose at table games such as craps, roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

Hollywood Casino Craps scheme foiled
All across the United States, gamblers are trying to rip off land casinos. It seems as though every week a new story comes out about gamblers trying to scam the casino to get free money.

Weekend Bonuses at Cherry Red Casino
The weekend is a great time to visit online casinos such as Cherry Red Casino. Players will find the online casino offers them special weekend bonuses that will give them extra bonus funds that can be used to play any game at Cherry Red casino including craps and blackjack.

Great Signup bonus at Bodog Casino
Bodog Casino is one of the top online casinos available on the internet today as they offer players the best in online casino games as well as tournament play.

Smartphones changing how casinos do business
Smartphones are quickly taking over the online casino industry. Millions of people own the mobile devices and one of the most popular features of the phones are the applications.

Eli Manning and wife hit the craps tables
With billions of people in the world it is not surprising to find that many people run into celebrities from time to time.

Bellagio Bandit pleads not guilty to charges
Anthony Carleo, the twenty nine year old man known otherwise as the Bellagio Bandit, has pled guilty to the charges placed against him.

Multiple Gaming Choices leads to big win for Bodog Player
When players log on to an online casino they usually gravitate towards their favorite game and play it for hours hoping for a win.

Big Bonus awaits gamblers at Cherry Red Casino
Cherry Red Casino is one of the top online casinos for many reasons. They offer a great selection of games as well as tournaments.

Tiger Woods: Gambling equals good golf game?
Online celebrity news site TMZ has posted a picture of Tiger Woods gambling at the craps tables in the Bahamas in the later days of March.

Viaden Gaming releases new craps application
Viaden Gaming is a provider of online gaming software and they recently released two new applications for Mac users. The company has developed new craps and roulette applications that can now be downloaded for Macs.

Doctor set to testify in Bellagio craps case
One of the largest cases in casino cheating came out of Las Vegas when a motorcycle bandit went inside the Bellagio and stole over $1 million in casino chips from a craps table.

Craps player finishes at top of Bodog Casino winners list
Each week Bodog Casino announces their big winners. The online casino has thousands of players that log on each day to enjoy the casino games and Bodog likes to keep players informed of who the big winners are.

Gambler steals jacket from Meadows Casino
When it comes to gambling, most players have a good time whether they win or lose. The simple thrill of playing is enough.

West Virginia craps dealers earning higher salaries
The Hollywood Casino located at the Charles Town Races in West Virginia has been offering table games such as craps and blackjack since last summer.

Vegas Casino launches new craps/football game
When it comes to casino gaming there are many choices available. There are the basic casino games like craps, blackjack, poker etc.

Tropicana Casino and Resort wants $25,000 Chips
High rollers enjoy hitting the craps, blackjack and many other gaming tables and those who have big bank rolls like to have the least amount of chips on hand.

New Casino themed watch features craps
Christophe Claret is a watch manufacturer that has created many amazing time pieces. The company recently announced they have created yet another specialty piece which features the game of craps, blackjack and roulette.

Bellagio craps case has a secret informant
The biggest news to hit the craps world was the Bellagio robbery that took place back in December. A so called biker bandit entered the casino and robbed a craps table of over $1 million in casino chips.

Special surprises and bonuses at Go Casino
Go Casino is a popular online casino that players from all across the world can enjoy. The online casino has a large selection of casino games as well as a good selection of casino tournaments.

Casino Craps out of the picture for now in New Hampshire
Craps and other table games are not going to come to the state of New Hampshire as it was recently expected. A measure was recently created which would have allowed thousands of video slot games as well as table games such as craps and roulette.

Pennsylvania board members not worried about table game cheating
Cheating is prevalent at land casinos especially when it comes to table games. There are many ways for a player to cheat the casino and they will try every option they have to earn money on the sly.

New York State Woman celebrates birthday at craps table
Turning one hundred and five is a big deal. Not everyone reaches this milestone and Carmella Nardolillo of Orchard Park, New York is one of the lucky few.

Officer demoted after casino arrest
Most times when an arrest is made at a casino it is an officer doing the arresting. However in a recent case in Omaha, the arrested was the police officer.

Boston Bruins hosting a casino night
The Boston Bruins are an NHL team located in, you guessed it, Massachusetts. The team has decided to host a casino night to allow their fans to play craps, blackjack and other casino games with their favorite players.

Table games pay off in Pennsylvania
All across the United States, individual states are deciding to add new games and features to their casinos and gaming facilities.

NFL Pro hits the Craps tables
It is not uncommon to hear of a professional athlete or celebrity hitting the gaming tables at a casino. Las Vegas is a hot spot for anyone famous, especially if they have money to burn.

Craps player wins big at Bodog
Bodog casino is a hot spot when it comes to online gambling. Tons of players log on every day to try their hand at the many online casino games the site has to offer.

Walton county men arrested for illegal craps gambling
Three men were arrested recently in Walton County Florida for participating in what police are calling illegal craps gambling.

Suspect arrested in Bellagio craps robbery
It has been a few months since the crazy Bellagio Hotel and Casino robbery in Las Vegas and police have finally made an arrest.

Florida County gets rid of video simulation games like craps and poker
Seminole County commissioners in the state of Florida have decided to ban virtual slot machine as well as other video gambling devices.

Football club owner loses part of fortune at craps table
Mike Ashley is the owner of Newcastle United a football club in the United Kingdom. The owner has made himself quite a fortune as the owner of the football club but now that fortune has dwindled just a bit since Ashley took to a recent gambling stint.

Florida Senator creating Casino legislation
In the near future Florida residents could see Las Vegas style casinos and resorts added to their state. Senator Dennis Jones R-Seminole is currently writing a bill that could bring this type of entertainment to the state.

Sands Casino Bethlehem sees record table game totals
The Sands Casino Bethlehem located in the state of Pennsylvania has seen a record month for table game totals. Craps, poker and other table games were added to the casino back in July of 2009 and this past December the casino earned record revenues for the table games.

Bodog announces weekly winners
Bodog Casino announces their big winners each week and usually the game of craps and blackjack is involved. This week blackjack was left out but craps was still a game that provided a big prize to the lucky player.

Maryland Senator introduces table game legislation
All across the United States, individual states are deciding to add various gambling games to existing facilities or to create new facilities.

Breaking gaming rules results in banning in Asia
There are many casinos all across the world that gamblers can visit to enjoy their favorite games like craps and blackjack.

New Craps Game Simulator released for iTunes App Store
Interested in learning how to play the game of craps? Digital Showcase LLC, a software company, released began offering an application for free for the month of January that teaches interested players how to play the game of craps.

Craps and Blackjack pays out well at Bodog casino
Bodog Casino is known for offering some of the best online casino games in the industry and they seem to reward their players with large prizes very often.

Maryland looking to add Table Games
The state of Maryland is looking to add table games such as craps and blackjack to their slots parlors. There has been debate for some time now that adding the games would be morally wrong but the state now needs to add the games to bring in much needed revenue.

Kansas City Casino could soon offer craps
The Wyandotte Nation own a casino called 7th Street in Kansas City and they have announced they may soon be adding table games to their casino floor.

Blackjack Robin Hood offers reward for Bellagio Robber
The Blackjack Robin Hood, a man who uses his skills at the gaming table to help out the less fortunate, has offered up a reward to help try and catch the recent Bellagio robber.

Bellagio Robber Gets Away with Millions from Craps Table
Last Tuesday morning a man decided he was going to rob the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. The man came into the casino waving a gun around and managed to walk up to a craps table and get away with at least $1.5 million in chips.

DEQ Systems launches new replay bet for electronic craps games
DEQ Systems Corp. is a table game solutions creator as well as jackpot and loyalty solutions provider. The company offers land casinos many electronic gaming options such as craps and baccarat and they recently announced they are offering operators a new side wager for electronic craps.

BSN Vegas Fundraiser a success
BSN otherwise known as Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition, Inc recently hosted their second annual employee appreciation day and charity fundraiser.

North Carolina Lottery Launches New Craps Style Game
The North Carolina Lottery recently announced they have launched three new lottery tickets one of which is a craps style lottery game.

Michigan Casino hiring Craps and other dealers
All across the United States there are more and more gaming facilities opening up offering gamblers several casino games to choose from.

New York Governor Approves New Casino in Bridgeville
The governor of New York, David Paterson, recently took a trip to Monticello to sign a compact which would allow the band of Mohican Indians to create a new casino in the Bridgeville area.

Kansas Basketball Team Forbidden to gamble
Most sports team members are forbidden to gamble especially on their own sport. Many however are able to visit a casino from time to time especially if the team is traveling and are near a casino.

Bodog Casino announces this week’s winners
Bodog Casino is one of the gambling options available through the Bodog Company. Bodog offers sports betting, racing, poker and casino gaming.

Rushmore Casino Craps Game Option
Rushmore Casino is an online casino that offers players many options when it comes to online gaming. The online casino offers a large selection of casino games which include specialty games, table games, slots and many more.

It Pays to Play Craps at Bodog Casino
Bodog Casino is one of the top online casinos available on the internet today. The online casino is part of the Bodog Company which offers players a wide variety of gambling options, from sports betting to poker and casino options.

Omaha Casino to reopen without table games
An Omaha casino is set to reopen very soon but players will find the casino will be lacking an important part of casino gaming, table games.

Las Vegas Hilton Table Tournament Grand Finale One Month Away
The Las Vegas Hilton hosts several tournaments throughout the year and one of their most popular events is the table tournament series.

Rhode Island Man Passes Face $100 Bills at Craps Table
Land casinos are visited by hundreds of people every day and casinos have to make sure their security is top notch to avoid criminal activity.

Cherry Red Casino Offering Authorization Bonus
Cherry Red Casino is one of the most popular online casinos available due to the fact that they offer great game play as well as cater to US citizens.

Go Casino Offering High Payouts to Casino Players
Go Casino is a popular online casino frequented by hundreds of players. The online casino offers players a large variety of casino games including craps, blackjack and slot games.

Phil Ivey Throws Fit at Wynn Craps Tables
Phil Ivey is known throughout the world for his poker play. The multi WSOP bracelet winner plays a mean game of poker but dabbles in other games as well.

Anthony Kim Goes Haywire at Bellagio Casino
Anthony Kim is a young golf pro who is well known on the PGA circuit. Kim recently visited the Bellagio Hotel and Casino to enjoy a few games including craps.

Go Casino’s VIP Rewards Program
Go Casino is one of the many online casinos players can choose from on the internet. However Go Casino is one of the more popular choices especially since they cater to US players.

Air Zoo Legacy Foundation to host casino night this weekend
The Air Zoo Legacy Foundation is a charity organization run by the Air Zoo located in Portage, Michigan. The foundation raises funds to create educational opportunities for children as well a use funds raised to help preserve, restore artifacts and invest in future opportunities.

SugarHouse Casino hoping advertising will bring in craps and blackjack players
The SugarHouse Casino has been open for only a few weeks now and they are trying hard to bring in more players. The casino offers craps, blackjack and other table games and they are relying on a heavy advertising program to try and bring in more players.

Parx Casino hosts job fair looking for table game dealers
Parx Casino is a casino located in Pennsylvania that has decided to add table games to their gaming floor. With the addition of games such as craps and blackjack, the casino will now need dealers to work the new games.

Monte Carlo Casino launches unique gaming tables
The Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is a popular stop for tourists and residents alike. The casino has a beautiful gaming floor with many gaming options.

Bodog Announces Big Winners This Week
Bodog Casino offers gamblers many chances to win big prizes at their online casino. Players can play craps, slots, blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean stud poker and much more.

Banned casino player caught playing craps
The Black Book is a term used by casinos that stands for the list of players that are banned from playing at a particular casino.

$100,000 Craps Tournament at Las Vegas Hilton
The Las Vegas Hilton Casino is one of the top destinations for many people visiting Sin City. The casino is beautiful and offers many amenities but if you are a gambler you know they offer some of the best tournaments each and every month.

Pre-Paid gift card bonuses at Online Vegas Casino
Online casinos offer many ways for players to earn a bonus. There are first time deposit bonuses, match bonuses, refer a friend bonuses, the list could go on and on.

Pennsylvania table games bringing large revenues for the state
Table games were added just a few months ago to the state of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has released the revenue figures.

Rushmore Casino offering nice first deposit bonus
Rushmore Casino is an online casino that caters to US players as well as player from around the world. The online casino makes it easy for players to sign up and begin playing and to top it off the site offers nice sign up bonuses for new players.

Learn craps at Bodog’s Casino School
The game of craps can seem confusing especially to the first time player. Many think the game is specifically for those who are casino veterans or for high rollers.

Penn Harris Gaming looking to offer RV World
RVing is a national past time for many people. Travelers can simply load up in their RV and travel across the United States to enjoy the many sights and tourists attractions in the continental United States.

Sugarhouse Casino to finally offer table games
The state of Pennsylvania approved the addition of table games to their state casinos just a few months ago and casinos have been busy preparing their gaming floors for the new games.

Cherry Red Casino offering nice bonuses
One of the most popular online casinos that accept United States players is Cherry Red Casino. This casino is known for their tournament play as well as special bonuses.

Land Casino Launches Facebook Game
Just last month it was announced that Harrah’s Interactive and Playdom had launched a World Series of Poker application on the popular social network Facebook.

Shooting takes place during Baltimore Craps Game
It is not uncommon to go to a local establishment or a street corner in many major cities in the United States and see a craps game taking place.

Chicago Casino offering low roller blackjack
It can be hard for casino visitors to find a low buy-in game of craps. Most times casinos offer $10 craps games which is not a very large amount but still an amount that some people cannot afford.

Pennsylvania’s First Casino to add new table games
The first casino ever to be created in the state of Pennsylvania is the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs and they recently announced they are expanding.

Casino Gunman to be sentenced
Back in 2009 Mark Magee went to the Trump Taj Mahal Casino and shot Ray Kot a shift manager at the casino because he believed the casino was cheating gamblers at the table games such as craps.

Ontario to offer craps with online gaming site
The Canadian province of Ontario is planning on offering the game of craps as well as other casino games once they launch their own online casino.

Online Vegas Casino offering pre paid gift card bonuses
Online Vegas Casino is a nice online casino that offers the best in casino tournaments as well as gaming. The site has craps, blackjack and many other casino games.

Player wins big at craps at Bodog Casino
Thousands of players log on every day at Bodog Casino to enjoy the many casino games the site has to offer. Each week the site announces their big winners in their special Bodog Blog.

Pinnacle Entertainment fined for several violations
It was recently reported that Pinnacle Entertainment, a casino operator, has been fined for several violations which took place during a one and a half year period.

New In-Game Cashier Released at Bodog Casino
New features at online casinos are always a nice welcome for casino players. New features give players something to look forward to.

Go Casino offering major bonuses for new players
Go Casino is a popular online casino that offers players a large selection of casino tournaments as well as casino gaming.

Mount Airy casino searching for craps cheater
It is not unusual for players at a casino to try and cheat one way or another. It seems like every day a new player is in the news for trying to cheat the casino.

New Smoke Away Units added to Ameristar Riverboat Casinos
It was announced just a few days ago that the Ameristar Casinos Inc. has taken steps to keep cigarette smoke from bothering their patrons.

New Casino Coming to Wisconsin
Residents of the state of Wisconsin have something to celebrate. On July 30th the state will see a new casino opening to the public.

Bonuses Abound for Rushmore Casino VIP Players
Rushmore Casino is a popular online casino that many players enjoy. The site has a great VIP program and those who are members can earn huge bonuses from the online casino.

Professional Casino Consultant Teaching PA Dealers
The new table dealers at Pennsylvania casinos are learning thing or two from George Joseph. Mr. Joseph is a professional casino consultant but also a former casino cheater.

Summit Township Casino Gearing up for July opening of table games
The Summit Township Casino, the Presque Isle Downs, is getting ready for the July release of their new table games. The casino will be offering their players craps, blackjack, roulette and other table games in just a few days.

Craps Produces big winner at Cherry Red Casino
Every day thousands of people log on to Cherry Red Casino to enjoy online casino games. The site has a large selection of games for players to choose from as well as great bonuses and promotions.

George Joseph Teaching Casino Dealers to watch for cheaters
George Joseph is a magician who now works as a consultant for casinos to help dealers learn to watch for cheaters. Joseph currently hosts workshops to teach casino dealers how to watch for cheating and he is working with the Gaming Control Board of Pennsylvania to teach their dealers in five weeklong sessions.

Bodog Casino Announces Big Winners
Just about every week Bodog Casino announces the latest big winners from their casino games. The casino at Bodog has many games for players to enjoy such as craps and blackjack as well as slot games.

Rhode Island may offer Table Games soon
The state of Rhode Island has joined the growing list of states that are now offering table games. Rhode Island lawmakers have now approved bills to legalize table games in the state.

Police Searching for Suspect after illegal Craps Game Goes Bad
Delaware police in Wilmington are on the lookout for a nineteen year old Janard Brown after he shot someone during an illegal craps game.

New Jersey lawmakers want to offer online gambling
Fans of craps, blackjack and other casino games in New Jersey could soon be able to play the games online. A bill was recently introduced at the state senate which would allow New Jersey’s casinos to offer websites with casino gaming and players would be able to place bets online.

Taj Mahal offering craps gambling classes
The Taj Mahal in Atlantic City is currently offering players a chance to learn how to play the various games they offer on their casino floor.

Blue Ridge Community and Technical College offering Dealer classes
The Blue Ridge Community and Technical College in West Virginia is currently offering dealer classes for students to learn how to become a dealer at a casino.

Harrington Raceway Launches Table Games
All across the United States casino and gaming facilities are setting up new gaming areas for the addition of table games.

West Virginia Race Track to add Craps
The Charles Town Races and Slots in West Virginia is home to the Hollywood Casino and officials have announced that the casino will be adding table games such as craps and blackjack starting in early July.

Google TV to launch soon; offering craps and other table games.
Major internet brand Google has announced they are going to be offering Google TV, which will air across the world. The new television will give online casino goers a chance to experience such casino games as craps, roulette and blackjack from their television sets.

Antique Casino Pieces to be Auctioned Today
Today an auction is taking place that will feature several antique casino pieces. The collection is known as the Monte Carlo Collection and it will be auctioned off at Timeless Design in Florida.

Fatal Shooting Takes place after craps game
A group of people were playing craps inside an Oklahoma apartment when a surprising event occurred. The players were enjoying the game when a player, Kenneth Daniels heard a knock on the door and went to answer.

Nevada Casino Workers Could Move to other states
Even though the economy is improving, many people are still out of work, including casino dealers in Nevada. Dealers are having a hard time finding work in the state so many are considering moving to other states that are just now adding table games.

New Craps Book Released
Frank Scoblete is a top selling casino gaming writer and he has worked with Dominator, a dice controller, to create a book about craps.

SugarHouse Casino to Open Soon
The SugarHouse Casino is set to open this September according to the general manager Wendy Hamilton. The casino is being built on Delaware avenue south of Shackamaxon Street in Philadelphia and will be offering table games as well as other casino gaming options.

Free Craps at Bodog Casino
Online casinos offer many options when it comes to game play. From poker to slot games, most casinos have it all. One such casino is Bodog Casino.

Pennsylvania Casino may lose slots license
A casino has been proposed to be built in south Philadelphia for a long time now but it looks as though the casino may never happen.

Meadows and Presque Isle Downs approved for Craps and other games
Yesterday the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board approved the request of two gaming facilities to add table games such as craps and blackjack.

Pittsburgh Casino starts dealer school
As Pennsylvania casinos get ready to start adding table games, the casinos are training dealers for the new card games they are going to offer.

Bodog Casino announces weekly winners
Bodog Casino is one of the top online casino operators in the world and they are constantly announcing big winners when they win a major prize.

Penn National Gaming to Rename West Virginia facility
Penn National Gaming recently announced that they will be renaming their facility in West Virginia. The Charles Town Gaming and entertainment facility will be named Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.

Students Begin Learning Craps in Erie
Dealer schools have been popping up all over the northeast as casinos are getting ready to add table games such as craps and blackjack to their gaming floors.

Mardi Gras Hosting Special Craps Event
Tomorrow the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallendale Beach will be hosting a special event called The Crappiest Promotion. The event will give 120 people the chance to win up to $90,000 in bonus free play.

Three Pennsylvania Casino Get Approved for Table Games
This past Wednesday the Pennsylvania Gaming Board approved table games for three of the states casinos. The board has been holding public hearings in several counties of the state to see how people feel about adding table games and the people have spoken.

Aruze Gaming America to preview Craps Game
Aruze Gaming America is a gaming creator and they recently announced they will be debuting a new craps game as well as other games at the 2010 NIGA show in San Diego.

Public Wants Table Games at the Meadows
A public hearing was held on Tuesday for residents to discuss if they would like to see table games added to the Meadows Racetrack and Casino.

River Casino adds craps and other table games
The River Casino is located in Pittsburgh and they recently opened in the area. The casino is able to offer table games such as craps and blackjack since the state now allows those games to be legal.

Delaware Park Hires New Table Game Manager
As many states in the northeast begin to offer tables games at their land casinos the companies behind the casinos are making changes.

NY Man arraigned for role in Foxwoods craps scheme
On Tuesday Allan M. Grossman was arraigned in New London Superior Court for his role in the Foxwoods Craps scheme. Grossman was charged with first degree larceny, cheating during gambling and conspiracy to commit cheating.

Craps Players Arrested in Tampa
When you gamble in areas that are not set up for gambling you are asking for trouble. Nine men were arrested recently in Tampa, Florida for an impromptu craps game.

Alabama Governor Candidates want to add Table Games
Ron Sparks the State Agriculture Commissioner and a democrat has stated he is in favor of allowing games such as craps, roulette, card games and sports betting in the state.

Pennsylvania opens first dealer school
The state of Pennsylvania is getting ready to offer table games at their various casinos across the state. The begin offering the games, dealers must be trained in the table games and the Pocono Downs recently announced the opening of the state’s first dealer school.

Updated version of Aw Craps! Released
Aw Craps! Is a popular casino game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The games creator, 24X7 digital, recently came out with an updated version of the game for their users.

New table games director hired at Delaware Park
Delaware Park is a racetrack and gaming venue in the state of Delaware. The park recently announced that they have hired a new table games director.

Meadows Table Game Workers to be trained by Beaver County
Today officials of the Meadows Racetrack and Casino announced that the Community College of Beaver County will be helping train the employees for new jobs at the racetrack.

Maryland Casinos Considering Adding Table Games
Many states in the US have started adding table games to their casinos. The states have made the decision to change legislation to begin adding the new games and the latest state to join the trend is Maryland.

Mount Airy files application for table games permit
Yet another Pennsylvania casino has filed for an application to begin offering table games. Mount Airy filed their application this past Monday to begin offering the newly approved games such as craps, blackjack and roulette.

Presque Isle Downs and Casino hiring craps dealers
All across the United States casinos and race tracks are adding table games to their gaming options. The most recent casino to announce the addition of table games is the Presque Isle Downs and Casino in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The Meadows hosting a job fair this week
The Meadows Racetrack and Casino is hosting a special job fair two days this week in the hopes of hiring new table game dealers.

Wyoming Next State to offer dealer classes
With many states now getting ready to offer table games, dealer classes are popping up everywhere. The latest to offer classes is the New River Community and Technical College in Wyoming.

Slots Commission hoping to bring craps to Maryland
The state of Maryland has a slot machine commission and one member of the commission would like to see table games such as craps and blackjack to be added to the states offerings.

Delaware Changes Table Game Laws
Lawmakers in the state of Delaware have decided to relax some of their laws by allowing a few table games at the slot machine casinos.

Community college hosting three workshops for table game dealers
The Northampton Community College on the Bethlehem campus in Pennsylvania is hosting workshops for those who may want to try and be a table game dealer at casinos in the area.

Table games under debate by Delaware lawmakers
Since Pennsylvania lawmakers have approved table games for their state, nearby Delaware is going to debate the issue as well.

New York Governor’s son busted for gambling
Just a few days ago New York Governor David Paterson’s teenage son was busted for shooting craps for money on the Upper West Side.

Able Pear Releases Orchard’s Craps for iPhone
The iPhone is a very popular mobile device for several reasons. One of the main reasons the phone is so popular is because owners of the device can download many different applications for many different things.

Arkansas race track adds electronic gambling
Oaklawn Park is a racetrack in Arkansas and they recently announced the addition of an expanded electronic gambling parlor.

Cleveland to open casino dealer school
Ohio voters recently voted to approve a measure to bring casinos to the state. This decision has seen many residents from the state going to Michigan to receive dealer training so they can find a job when the casinos are opened.

Aw Craps! 1.6 Casino Craps launched for iPhone and iPod Touch
24x7 digital just announced they have launched Aw Craps! 1.6. The new versions are a major update their popular game for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Bodog Casino announces craps winners
Bodog Casino announces their latest winners every week or so and this past week was the Christmas holiday. Many players at Bodog Casino got nice cash present for their holiday especially those who hit the craps tables.

GPI Supplies New Casino with Gaming Items
The Aria Resort and Casino is a new gaming center built by MGM as part of the CityCenter in Las Vegas. The new casino was supplied with all of their gaming equipment and items needed to offer their casino gaming by GPI.

New Craps TouchTable MultiPLAY to debut at IGE
The 2010 International Gaming Expo will see many companies demonstrating their various products. One of the newest gaming products to be displayed will be from TCSJohnHuxley.

State House Approves Table Games for Pennsylvania
In Pennsylvania, the State House of Representatives recently approved legislation on table games. The House approved a bill to allow the games at casinos in the state.

New Casino Opens in Dodge City, Kansas
This past Tuesday a new casino opened in Dodge City, Kansas. The new Boot Hill Casino and Resort now offers the best in casino gaming including craps, roulette and slot machines.

Penn National Gaming ready to install table games
Penn National Gaming Inc. is waiting on voters to approve table games this Saturday. The gaming company will then be able to install table games such as craps and roulette to the Charles Town Races and Slots which they own.

Mississippi Casino shuts down table games
The Horizon Casino is the only gaming establishment in the area of downtown Vicksburg, which is in Mississippi. The casino recently announced that they had to cut back operations.

Live card craps now offered at Red Hawk Casino
It was recently announced that the Red Hawk Casino has now added two live card craps tables to their offering of a mix of table games.

Las Vegas Hilton hosting $150,000 Table Tournament Series
Over the past year the Las Vegas Hilton Casino has hosted a Table Tournament Series. The Series consisted of tournaments in Craps, Three Card Poker, Blackjack and Pai Gow Poker.

Online Vegas Casino offering several guaranteed tournaments
Casino gamblers will really enjoy playing at Online Vegas Casino as they offer the best in online casino gaming. From craps to blackjack and poker, the online casino has it all.

Kansas casino still looking for dealers
Boot Hill Casino is a new casino in the state of Kansas and it will be ready for operation in about one month. This new casino will be the first state run casino in the Kansas and the operators are still looking to fill dealer positions.

Washington Capitals’ Charities hosting first casino night
NHL team the Washington Capitals’ will be hosting their first ever Caps Care Casino Night and Auction this January to benefit the charities they work with.

Red Hawk Casino Now offering live card craps
Northern California’s Red Hawk Casino has now become the first casino in the area to offer live card craps tables. The casino recently announced the addition of two high-energy live card craps games.

Bodog Casino Announces Craps Winners
Bodog casino offers their players the best when it comes to online craps play. Craps is a favorite of many online gamblers and Bodog provides easy access to craps games as well as tournaments and other options.

Casinos Increase H1N1 Efforts
Land casinos, like other businesses, are taking special precautions to help their patrons from becoming sick this flu season, especially H1N1.

Pechanga Resort & Casino adds new games
The Pechanga Resort & Casino in California recently added new games to their casino floor. The 200,000 plus square foot casino now houses over 3,400 slot games, 130 table games and a fifty four table poker room.

Charles Town, WV residents in disagreement over table games
Residents of Charles Town, West Virginia are divided into two groups: those who want to add table games to the Charles Town Races & Slots and those who do not.

Casino Gaming Author to Pen Four New Books
Frank Scoblete is known as being one of the top casino gaming authors. Scoblete recently announced that he has signed a new deal with Triumph Books a division of Random House.

South Dakota casino considers adding craps and roulette
Land casinos exist all across the United States and to keep up with the competition, many casinos have to add more games or make changes to be on the same level as neighboring casinos.

Colorado casinos look to add alcohol twenty four seven
Colorado casinos have been very busy ever since the state has increased the betting limits and added craps and roulette to the casino floors.

24X7digital releases new update for craps casino game
24x7digital recently announced the release of an update to their popular craps game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The new update is called Aw Craps! 1.5 and it gives players more options while playing the casino game on their mobile device.

Pennsylvania College to offer dealer training classes
The state of Pennsylvania is going to be offering table games in the near future so gaming establishments will be in need of dealers.

Casino looking for craps and other table game dealers
The Hollywood Casino in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania are looking to hire several hundred people to run their table games once state lawmakers legalize table games.

Table games bill moves past the Senate in Pennsylvania
The state of Pennsylvania is one step closer to adding craps and other table games to their casinos. A bill created to legalized table games in the state has made it past the Senate and now is on its way to the House of Representatives.

Colorado tax gaming revenues to increase over the next year
In July of this year, the state of Colorado passed amendment 50 which gave the states casinos the addition of craps and roulette as well as higher betting limits and longer hours of operation.

Sands casino hopes to get craps and other table games
The Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem in Pennsylvania could be able to offer patrons craps and other table games very soon. The state of Pennsylvania is looking for new ways to raise money for their large budget and they may soon legalize the games in the state.

Craps scammer collapse in court
Richard “Mr. Casino” Taylor, the man behind a huge craps cheating scheme, recently collapsed during a court appearance.

Craps player’s wheelchair stolen during game play
Joe Gesualdi of Johnston recently visited the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut with his brother to enjoy playing craps.

Law officials putting in more hours with increased casino activity
Law officials in the state of Colorado have to put in longer hours these days since the state made a few changes to the law books.

Mohegan Sun Craps dealer charged in cheating scam
Richard “Mr. Casino” Taylor is a name many will never forget as he has changed their lives forever. Creating a cheating scam that affected people at both Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun casino, Taylor was the ring leader and earned a ten year sentence for cheating at the game of craps at Foxwoods.

Online Craps and other games coming to Estonia in 2010
2010 will mark the beginning of a new era for Estonia. The country will be legalizing online casinos on January 1st 2010 and residents of the area will be able to enjoy casino games such as craps, keno, slots and video poker for real money.

Craps gambling at high altitudes next year
Starting early next year, a few airlines will bring casino gambling to its larger planes with supplied flat screens next to the seat.

Gambler suing casino over Craps game
A 46-year-old man from Detroit had an unpleasant casino experience when he decided to sit down at the Craps table with $100 in chips.