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Cheating Gamblers Caught in Ohio

Cheaters at casinos are not uncommon as players who are desperate to earn quick cash will do just about anything to best the casino. Gamblers will use special scams or just try and take chips without being caught just to earn a little cash. In Ohio, a new casino has been open just a few months and already seven people have been charged with cheating the casino.

Seven gamblers tried to cheat the casino in Cleveland, Ohio in craps, blackjack and roulette. Players created special schemes to try and increase their bet or remove their bets on the games depending on the outcome of each game.

The Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine, and Bill Mason the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor released a joint announcement on the subject which read: “These indictments show that if someone comes into one of Ohio’s casinos planning to cheat, they should think twice.”

The instances occurred during the first month of the casino opening. The Horseshoe Casino becomes a hotspot for cheaters after it opened on May 14th. The new casino is one of four planned casinos in the state of Ohio.

In related news, just two weeks later, another casino opened in the Toledo, Ohio area and they have suffered from cheaters as well. At least eight gamblers were caught cheating and there are also other gambling related cases currently under investigation in the state.

The cheaters either wanted to try out their skills at the new casinos or they thought the casino may have lax security since they were new to the industry. Either way, the cheaters were caught rather quickly and operators are hoping that the instance will thwart others from trying to do the same.