Philadelphia Casino Releases Simpler Craps Game

The game of craps is one that is enjoyed around the globe in casinos and gaming halls. The game can be played online but there is just something about playing the game in live form. From the throw of the die to the betting, players get a real thrill from playing the game with friends or family. A Philadelphia casino recently announced they are trying to get younger gamblers in on the craps action by releasing a simpler version of the game.

The new game is titled Props and Hops and will allow players to learn the game in an easier form. Once the wager is placed on a group or individual number, the player will then shake the cup and two die are inside. The dice are turned over onto the table and the lid will be removed to show the numbers.

Mark Grochala, the Table Games Supervisor of the Sugarhouse casino and Tom McCann, a dealer at the casino, created the game and feel as though it could be used to introduce players to the game of craps. McCann stated that many people, especially younger people, are intimidated by the game of craps. The game can seem complicated and game play moves very fast.

With this new version, players can take their time and the dealer is able to explain the bets and how the game operates at the craps table. This way, younger players can step into the game one factor at a time and learn how to play. With a little knowledge, players will feel comfortable taking part in the standard game of craps.

The game was created some time ago as it took 2 years for the casino to place the game on the gaming floor. The Sugarhouse will run the game exclusively until October 1st. once this time period arrives, other casino may begin to lease out the game.

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